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Satisfaction in Strathroy: Laid-Off IAM Members Win Back Pay

  Losing your job is never an enjoyable experience, but for the workers at Glendale International in Strathroy, Ontario, things were especially bleak. When the manufacturer of Recreational Vehicles declared bankruptcy and closed its doors in January 2010, they were left without a job, benefits or compensation of any kind. Under the leadership of then-IAM […]

OFL Submission on the ORPP Calls for an End to Retirement Insecurity

Summary Every Ontarian deserves security and dignity in retirement and yet by every measure most workers face the prospect of an uncertain future. Despite public demand, provincial support and sustained lobbying from Canada’s labour movement, the Harper government has repeatedly rejected the call for an expanded Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The result is a desperate […]

Turbulence Ahead for Canadian Airline Fueling Machinists File for Common Employer Status to Preserve Jobs

Thursday December 4, 2014   For Immediate Release     Employer Status with the Canada Industrial Relations Board.   “We are being proactive and getting in front of this pending problem,” said IAM Transportation District 140 President and General Chairperson Fred Hospes. The Airline Consortium into plane ramp fueling and tank farm Operator agreements at […]

Winpisinger Center Courses

            DEPARTMENTAL PROGRAMS Departmental programs are specialized programs designed by IAM headquarters departments and conducted at the Winpisinger Center. Enrollment information for departmental programs is included in the program calls which the sponsoring department sends to local lodges annually. Schedules 2015 Departmental Table of Dates STAFF PROGRAMS Staff programs focus […]

Advanced Leadership Course

William W. Winpisinger, Education & Technology Center, Nov 2013 IAM Local Lodge 1542 vice-president Lorne Rueckwald had an opportunity earlier this month to take an advanced leadership course.     The Winpisinger Center, is located in Placid Harbour in Maryland.  IAM members participate in a unique kind of learning program where the emphasis is on shared experience.  The […]

Machinists Ratify New Deal with Hobart!

Monday October 20, 2014   For Immediate Release     Richmond Hill, ON – Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada, Service Department and Warehouse personnel, members of IAM Local Lodge 235, have ratified a new collective agreement.   The three-year agreement provides wage increases of 1.75 per cent in each of the first two years and […]