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Turbulence Ahead for Canadian Airline Fueling Machinists File for Common Employer Status to Preserve Jobs

Thursday December 4, 2014   For Immediate Release     Employer Status with the Canada Industrial Relations Board.   “We are being proactive and getting in front of this pending problem,” said IAM Transportation District 140 President and General Chairperson Fred Hospes. The Airline Consortium into plane ramp fueling and tank farm Operator agreements at […]

Basic Web Design Class November 16-21 2014

  I.A.M. Local Lodge 1542 Web Steward Chris Poirier had an opportunity in November to take the Basic Web Design course.   The Winpisinger Center, is located in Placid Harbour in Maryland.  IAM members participate in a unique kind of learning program where the emphasis is on shared experience.  The Winpisinger Center enrolled more than 59,774 students since […]

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