ABOUT L.L. 1542


What We’re All About!

IAMTHEUNIONWe are the IAM Local Lodge 1542 of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers.  Otherwise known as the Machinists Union, the IAM, or the IAMAW.  As a union of working men and women, we work to protect and advance the economic, social, and political interests of working families.LL 1542 represents approximately 400 employees at Arnprior Aerospace Inc, and 50 employees at Hypernetics.  We are very proud of the work that we do on the job or in the community! 
youngmachinists - 280
President…Murray Quattrocchi

Vice President…Lorne Rueckwald

Secretary Treasurer…June McLaren

Recording Secretary…Jim Barkey

Senior Shop Stewards

P/M…Jim Barkey     O/T…Lorne Reuckwald

Shop Stewards


Building # 2…1) Jim Barkey 2)  Lisa Lalonde 3) Tom Lowe

Building # 3… 1)Scott Brown 2) Chris Poirier 3) Steve Shepherd



  1. 1) Fred Proulx 2)Lorne Reuckwald 3)Jaden Tout


Hypernetics Stewards

1) Janice Hyland

2) Pat Postma




Joint Health and Safety Committee

Co Chairman…Lorne Rueckwald

Reps…1) Chris MacKenzie  2) Scott Brown 3)  Rod Bradley  4) Jim Barkey

Return To Work /Accommodation Laws Reps

1) Murray Quattrocchi  2)  Charlie Phillips  3) Lorne Rueckwald


       Bev Forgie  


   1) Scott Ring  2) Debbie Bennett  3) Richard Melanson